How to adopt a yoko hen for kumites

For all our readers: what does ”Yoko” mean?

You may have been wondering why the name of our farm is Charming House YOKO Farm?

What does YOKO mean in our name?

Yoko stands for ”Light”, ”Divine Light” and ”Transmitting the Divine Light”.

The Art of transmitting the Divine Light is a spiritual purification technique that allows human beings to purify their soul and spiritual body and also to purify spiritually anything the Divine Light is transmitted to. The practice of the Art of Divine Light takes place by transmitting Divine Light with one hand.

One person can transmit the Divine Light to another person, directing the Light from the hand at about 30 cm from the body of the other person.

A standard session of Divine Light takes 40-50 minutes,

  • starting with a prayer in Japanese chanted out loud for 1:20 minute,
  • then transmission of the Divine Light for 7-10 minutes to the forehead of the other person (eyes closed, no talking),
  • 10 minutes to points in the neck,
  • 10-15 minutes to the kidneys,
  • 10-20 minutes to ”extra points”, any place in the body where it is warm, cold, hard or painful.

Divine Light can also be transmitted with a hand to the landscape, to plants and animals and to the earth to purify the spiritual worlds/bodies of these areas/subjects.

In fact at this time of the development of humanity and the world, the only thing that matters is for our souls to become pure.

The practice of Yoko Farming, called Yokonoen in Japanese, consists of the practice of agriculture while practicing the Art of Divine Light, purifying plants, animals and the earth. It also entails using positive words to stimulate and encourage all life.

A worldwide organization has been founded in Japan in 1959 to stimulate the practice of the Art of Divine Light and Divine Principles in people´s daily lives. This organization is called Sukyo Mahikari, ”the Art of True Light”. There are centers for the practice of the Art of Divine Light in many countries now. If you are interested in trying it out, we encourage you to contact us.

We call ourselves – members of the organization Sukyo Mahikari – Kamikumites, or in short ”Kumites”, ”children of True Light”.

Note to Kumites to adopt a yoko hen

This note is in the form of a .pdf file to download here. It is specifically directed to kumites and contains some terms that speak to them specifically, but anyone who is interested can follow the same instructions to adopt a yoko hen.

Thank you! We hope you have enjoyed this blog post,

Best yoko regards, Halbert & Sophie


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